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Tire Products and Tire Services

We carry most brands of High Performance, Passenger, SUV/CUV, Light Truck & RV Tires. If you have a vehicle that requires new or serviced tires, we can help. Our team is fully qualified to inspect tires for damage, irregular wear patterns and any other tire service you need. Circuit Tire is also able to service and/or reset your vehicle's Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Tire Products include:  Summer tires, winter tires, all season tires, A/t tires All weather tires high performance tires and more  




  • All Season Tires
  • Summer Tires
  • Winter Tires                                                                                          
  • All Weather Tires
  • High Performance Tires
  • RV Tires
  • Race Tires (sports car & drag race)
  • Full Line of Custom Wheels ( Akuza - DUB - Foose- Fuel - Konig - Menzari and more)
  • Steel Rims
  • Custom/Mag Wheels
  • Tire Pressure Monitor System Sensors and Parts
  • Crystal Glo Car Care Products

Tire Services:

Because we are an independent tire store, we are able to provide you with unbiased advice. CIRCUIT TIRE staff are Tire Pressure Monitor System certified with the latest diagnostic and relearn scanners and equipment, including the CORGHI MASTER tire changing machine to deal with your large and expensive wheels. We specialize in tires and wheels, but also have an alignment shop and automotive repair shop at the same location. Circuit Tire can help with all your automotive needs. We will provide you with fast, friendly, expert service at fair and competitive prices.

Tire Repair Tips

To remain safe, tires must be repaired properly! This requires determining that the leak is coming from within the allowed repairable area, removing the damaged tire from the wheel for inspection and repairing it from the inside, by filling the injury to keep out moisture and sealing the inner liner with a re-enforced repair unit ( one piece plug/patch ) to prevent air loss.

Tires that are Speed Rated or equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems require authorized technicians working with special equipment. NEVER use aerosol flat tire repair inflators. 



Circuit Tire is proud to partner in protecting the environment. We participate in the Tire Stewardship B C " Return to Dealer" program. Consumers are welcome to drop off used tires here in order for them to be recycled properly rather than end up in a landfill site. Please call ahead and limit to 4 tires at a time. More info can be found at