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Tires from Tireland in Poco


The team of Craig and Gord have over 76 years of combined tire industry experience. Each is completely certified, including Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems. They have  compiled a wealth of knowledge to draw on in order to provide their valued customers with quality products & exceptional service at a competitive price. 

Craig Tires in Poco


Craig has been at Circuit Tire since 1979. He came with a background of managing parts and service departments in new car dealers. Craig believes each is vehicle is special to it owner and should be treated so. Craig looks forward to and is pleased to take care of each customer's unique tire and wheel needs.

Gord Tires in Poco


Gord has followed in his father's footsteps. His working career has been in the tire industry at Circuit Tire since 1981. Gord has experienced working on most every make of car and tire available. He is happy to take on the challenge of the unusual and different tire and wheel related issues, including race tires and wheels.